The most popular engagement ring styles in 2023


An engagement ring on a finger speaks tons about tender feelings and serious intentions. Yet the first two important questions that are discussed when it’s time to buy a ring are ‘how much’ and ‘what kind of ring to buy.’

The answer to the first question is simple: today, no rules apply. You can spend as little or as much on a ring as you can and want. The trend is to go for smaller, less flamboyant stones and rings, both in terms of look and price. Popular engagement rings are designed and bought to be worn every day, comfortable but also stylish.

The second question is trickier: trends come and go, and you don’t want to be stuck with a ring that will feel dated in a couple of years. Engagement rings are bought to be owned and worn forever, hopefully, so a design should be more classic, probably with a subtle twist that gives it a fresh vibe.

Currently, the highlights of popular engagement designs are the versatile solitaire, with or without a halo, ring models influenced by vintage and antique ring styles, and rings with colored gems, traditional or unusual. These trends leave enough room for play and experimentation but at the same time provide a convenient framework for the search – and a successful purchase. In this overview, the creative team of YourAsteria will explore the mentioned styles in detail and point you toward the best options that will spell ‘quiet luxury’ and please your sweetheart for many years to come.

Traditions with a Twist: New Approach To Classic Styles

From scarab rings of Egypt and intricately carved Roman gemmas to contemporary diamond and colored gem solitaires, the rings with a focus on a central stone have always stayed in fashion.

Engagement rings continue this long tradition because the design is simple and at the same time timelessly elegant. If you want a ring that will last a lifetime, go for a well-designed solitaire.

Universal Classic: Diamond Solitaire Rings

Diamond rings are classic in the engagement fashion, so if you don’t want to do an extensive search and second-guess what your sweetheart will like, opt for a diamond solitaire. The key is to go for something with a fresh detail or a subtle twist when you browse through an extensive diamond ring collection.

First, look for diamond cuts and shapes that were less usual in the past and thus will look fresh and modern. The latest trends in diamond engagement rings include elongated shapes, like pear, marquise, oval, emerald, and baguette. They can be placed traditionally, i.e. North-South, but they can also be placed horizontally (East-West) for an eye-catching effect. The big plus of these shapes is that they make a stone look bigger and you’ll get an impressive ring for a reasonable price. Longer shapes set vertically make fingers look slimmer and longer, too.

Round and cushion shapes are more traditional, yet they have this special ‘diamond ring’ vibe that is immediately recognizable. For a modern take, choose delicate rings with smaller stones that just exude understated coolness.

Today, the best engagement diamond rings do not feature colorless diamonds only. Black diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds, and champagne diamonds are trending now and look no less impressive than their white counterparts. Colored diamonds emit the understated chic that just cannot be emulated. They look contemporary while staying within the classic jewelry league.

Modern Take On Halo Rings

Halo remains among the top engagement ring settings for several reasons. First, a halo of the same color makes a modest stone look bigger and turns the sparkle dial to the maximum. Second, if a halo goes in a contrasting color, the ring immediately gets an exquisite antique feel. So the model ticks several fashion boxes at once.

Interesting twists in halo designs

If you plan to incorporate a halo into the final design of the ring, remember to keep it interesting. By interesting, we mean the following variations:

- full halo is always on-trend, but it has to be subdued and stay in the background, bringing the central stone into the spotlight; - half halo is a fresh and cool way to give more sparkle to a ring and leave the part of the stone open, thus focusing on its beauty. One side of the stone sits in the nest, while the other side interacts with the skin tone and color of the metal, thus adding interest to the design. - oval/pear halo is a variation of a round halo where the shape is elongated. For a smaller baguette or marquise stone, oval and pear halos are an excellent way to maximize the size without driving the cost upwards.

Cool halos made of unconventional gems

Usually, halo stones underscore the beauty of the central stone, but what if the halo becomes a powerful player itself? Then even a reasonably priced ring will look like costing tenfold against its initial price. Let us explain the point a bit.

When a halo is made of contrasting stones, colored gems, or stones that are no less interesting than the central piece, the design becomes complex and almost architectural. Concentric shapes radiate from the center, thus creating depth and rhythm. Think sapphires and diamonds or black onyx and diamonds: when a halo is made of darker contrasting elements, a ring looks more elaborate and more expensive.

In particular, Art Deco style relies heavily on this complexity and geometrical elegance, so a ring immediately takes on a vintage feel.

Noble Touch Of History: Vintage-Inspired Rings

If we started talking about the exquisite vintage feel and what lends it to rings, let’s zoom into this particular trend.

Glorious boom of antique and vintage ring styles

Fashion always moves in circles, vintage and antique pieces go on and off the trend periodically, and now again we witness the resurgence of all things antique. It happens because craftsmanship and intricate handiwork continue to capture the imagination, and vintage pieces exhibit these in abundance. In particular, Art Deco, Victorian, and Edwardian styles are booming, and for a reason.

Gatsby-worthy jewels: Art Deco-inspired designs

Art Deco-based designs are among the most popular engagement ring styles now because they remind of the Roaring Twenties, the times of glamor and unrestrained enjoyment of life. Besides, the aesthetics of Art Deco is deliciously complex and clean at the same time. It allows showing off while also keeping it neat and universal.

The key features of this trend are symmetry and geometry. Straight lines, angles, and cleanly shaped domes and curves align symmetrically to build magnificent patterns and complex shapes. Another clue is the wide use of white metal and white diamonds, but also generous incorporation of black, deep navy, and color-changing stones.

That’s why we mentioned contrasting halos as an element of vintage rings: encircle a white diamond of cushion or marquise shape with a black or dark navy halo, and you immediately recognize this Art Deco vibe.

Or find a perfect elongated marquise or baguette stone, put it inside another geometrical shape, square or rhombic, add a sprinkle of smaller geometrical elements and you get a breathtaking ring, modern, cool, but also timeless and historically inspired.

Victorian and Edwardian styling in a modern interpretation

Victorian and Edwardian jewelry styles are also very ornamental but in different ways. They favor swirling flowery designs, lifelike flower shapes, scrolls, twists, garlands, elegant bows, free-moving pendants, and the rest of the features that evoke nature. The signature part of Edwardian design is a styled wreath composition, where delicate oval leaves each host a small sparkling stone. The effect is amazing, subtle but also glorious.

One big plus of these styles is that they are particularly suitable to host colored gems of all types, from rubies and garnets to amethyst and turquoise. Warm gold tones are perfect to accompany the stones, but no one prohibits you to have it made in silver.

The work of skilled hands: vintage-inspired milgrain and filigree work

Antique jewels are so popular also because they remind of times when every piece was crafted by hand, individually, and it stood for the skills and work invested by a jeweler. Handwork is a true luxury today, and the good news is that you can order a handcrafted ring, too.

We at YourAsteria have been honing skills and building expertise precisely with this in mind: to let you treat your loved one to a one-of-the-kind piece, a custom-made vintage-inspired ring that no one else owns.

Skilled jewelers can include in a ring old techniques like filigree and milgrain work, thus lending it a truly antique look. These techniques require lots of attention and experience in making, but the result is all the more awesome.

Filigree is literally a metallic lace, interwoven metallic wires that form lattices, swirls, and other types of beautiful openwork.

Milgrain is the inclusion of rows of tiny metallic dots into the design. Usually, they are placed along edges, providing additional accents to stones, shanks, and other elements of the setting. Milgrain makes a ring look elaborate, more detailed, and interesting. Antique jewelers knew the difference this technique could make and used it widely.

Finally, if you want even further customization, you can add engraving to a ring, whether in the form of a pattern or an inscription. The engraving was popular in vintage jewelry. So this final touch also works to the general effect of vintage and exclusivity.

Go Unique: introduction of unusual gemstones for rings

For several years in a row, colored gems reign supreme in the jewelry for daily and occasion wear. They easily add a splash of color and a touch of luxury to any outfit and style, and leading jewelry houses use them generously, mixing several colors and textures in one piece. The rule is the same: no rules as long as the piece looks balanced and pleases the wearer. So if you want to buy one of the most popular engagement rings 2023, pick a light-colored or deep-toned gem and you’ll be right on trend for the years to come.

Putting colored gems into focus

For far too long, diamonds have been the only acceptable choice for engagement rings, and now couples planning to tie the knot are only too happy to switch to something fresher and more colorful. Besides, as appreciation of crystals’ healing and spiritual properties grows, people often choose stones that host deeper meanings and symbolism. Whatever the reason, the latest collections of bridal jewelry burst with precious colors and interesting shapes, and non-diamond solitaires or other ring styles are gaining almost cult following around the world.

Now you are limited in the stone selection by your budget and taste only. So whether you want a more traditional emerald or sapphire or mysterious moss agate or moonstone, you are welcome to incorporate them – or an array of other stones - into this important ring.

The Top Chart Of The Most Popular Alternative Stones For Engagement Rings


This stone is a great alternative to a diamond in terms of cost, looks, ethical sourcing, and range of colors. It’s lab-grown, can outshine the diamond (literally outshine, it creates more sparkle and rainbow effects than diamonds themselves), and is almost as hard, which is excellent for daily wear.

Moissanite looks like a perfect diamond, absolutely flawless and clear. Colorless diamonds of this class, size, and clarity would cost a lot, while moissanites are affordable. They can be black, deep green, blue or yellow, or have some other colors, and they will make a one-of-the-kind centerpiece for a ring. That’s why moissanite engagement rings are all the rage now and the demand does not seem to slow down soon.


Probably when you think about a ring with a colored gem, sapphire rings are the first to come to mind. They were long favored by celebrities and royalties and now have become a staple of fine jewelry collections. Sapphires are hard, durable and come in a variety of colors, from lighter to deep navy. Where deep red rubies can seem a bit too much, restrained beauty of sapphires works just fine.

This stone is excellent alone or in combination with diamonds or zirconia. Actually, the sapphire and diamonds combo is the way to create iconic jewelry pieces that set the standard in the field, from rings to necklaces and earrings. Set in gold or silver, sapphires always impress, so if you choose a sapphire engagement ring you’ll never miss the mark.

Moss Agate

Moss agate has entered the jewelry designers’ toolkit quite recently, but this stone deserves separate praise. The stone is durable and resistant to scratches, yet these are not the only advantages. Moss agate has the unique mesmerizing look that can be a showstopper when put into a well-crafted ring.

Deep green patterns and landscapes on the foggy semi transparent background remind of forests, plants, rainy mornings, dew drops sparkling on the leaves, and all things earthy and nature-related. Every stone is unique because patterns are never repeated – nature never repeats itself. Put into a dainty ring alone or set into a halo of diamonds or zirconia, moss agate is breathtakingly beautiful. You can easily mix elegant moss agate rings with stones of similar or complementary colors or wear them in stacks with other gold and silver rings.


Moonstone has the unique look of a magic tool with its surreal adularescence (or pearly shimmer, to put it simply). The blue lights that play inside the milky depths of the stone make it a mesmerizing centerpiece, whether solo, in a halo, or in a three-stone engagement ring.

Moonstone is hard enough to last long in a ring that’s worn every day, and it’s quite affordable.

One of the big advantages of moonstone is that its base color is neutral pearly-gray and suitable for mixing with all kinds of gems. Yet when the ray of light hits the stone, its magical iridescent beauty comes to the surface and it pulls the gaze of everyone around like a magnet.

Besides, moonstone was a very fashionable stone at the beginning of the 20th century, so if you want to keep up with the best engagement ring styles and get something with authentic vintage feel, definitely choose moonstone rings.


Sunstone is less known in haute couture jewelry, but now the designers do their best to compensate for this sad omission. Sunstone got its name because of its interesting look, deep orange with patchwork patterns of brighter and paler spots. In ancient times, it was believed that sunstone gathers the energy of the sun and stores it inside. So, the stone was set in amulets to give a wearer power and strength.

Today, it’s appreciated for its beauty and color that works well with other stones and white and yellow metals alike. It is durable and affordable, and when set into an engagement ring, gives it a solid and weighty feel. Unlike fully transparent citrines and zirconia, sunstone has inclusions that render it half-opaque. Hence, a sunstone ring gains the earthy and grounded look while preserving its elegance, which is excellent for those who love nature-inspired designs and unique stones.


It’s impossible not to mention aquamarine when colored gems are in focus. Its light-blue color of serene waters is hard to imitate (topaz can come close but won’t be completely identical). Aquamarine looks sublime both in silver and gold, alone and in combination with a halo of colorless stones.

Hard and resistant to scratching, aquamarine is a great choice for an engagement ring, and a big solitaire of good quality will easily rival a top-quality diamond. Aquamarines have been long popular among affluent trendsetters, and that’s why many antique jewelry pieces feature aquamarines as main stones. So when you ponder over popular engagement ring styles with aquamarine, remember that you can opt for a modern interpretation or go for a vintage style, like Edwardian or Art Deco.

Rutilated Quartz

Quartz is known mostly as a stone used for wristwatches if we talk about wearables, yet its potential as a cool ring centerpiece only begins to bloom. Usually, pink, gray, or white (colorless) quartz is used for various crafting needs, but actually, this stone can be any color, some of them truly show-stopping. To give you a clue, amethyst and carnelian are varieties of quartz.

However, there is a particularly unusual and beautiful type of this mineral: rutilated quartz. It features a mosaic of thin strands of rutile inside a transparent base. This type of quartz can be silvery, golden, coppery or black. The density of strands also varies, from whole forests to individual strings. The visual effect is amazing, and now engagement rings with rutilated quartz are cropping on the pages of the leading bridal magazines and on fingers of betrothed across the world.

The stone is not expensive, and a bigger solitaire won’t cost you a fortune. It works well with silver and gold, and such an engagement ring will definitely not go unnoticed.


This stone is very rare in natural form, so only very few wealthy couples could afford it until relatively recently. Yet, the discovery of a method to grow alexandrite in labs made it more widespread and accessible. The key feature of alexandrite is its ability to change color from greenish to purplish in different types of light. This feature makes it so valuable and interesting, and that’s why it makes an astonishing center of an engagement ring.

The stone is very hard, very close to the diamond, so it will withstand daily tear and wear easily. Lab variety is not as expensive as natural one, so you can afford quite a big stone for a reasonable price.

Alexandrite looks gorgeous alone on a slim band or in a halo of transparent stones. When set in gold, it creates an elegant vintage feel; while in silver, it looks sleek and contemporary. An engagement ring with alexandrite is a swoon-worthy jewel and a perfect heirloom piece.

Unique gemstone cuts and stone arrangements

Colored gems are cool by themselves, but consider choosing stones that have unusual cut and shape. Explore elongated shapes like pear, marquise, oval, and baguette, and pay attention to heart-shaped stones. Additional facets and angles that reflect the light create more sparkle if we speak technically. But imagine giving her an engagement ring with a heart solitaire! It will be the moment to remember forever – and a one-of-the-kind ring.

Unusual stones are bound to make a splash, but this effect doubles if they come in an assortment and interesting color combinations. The inventiveness and freedom of design are leading among top engagement ring styles 2023, and mixing subtle colors in a ring is a sign of the highest set of skills possessed by a jeweler.

What to look for? Subtlety and again subtlety. Setting sapphires against rubies is great for a cocktail ring, but an engagement ring demands more balance.

The most desired rings today are those that mix unusual gems with white diamonds, moissanites, or zirconia. Think pairing quartz, moonstone, alexandrite or aquamarine centerpieces with white diamonds or zirconia, or setting black or champagne diamonds against the sprinkle of white ones. That’s what quiet luxury looks like; just find rings that stick to a more balanced color palette.

Birthstone Rings: A Cool Way To Personalize An Engagement Ring

We have mentioned the growing interest in the spiritual side of stones and minerals, and engagement rings fit well into this trend. More and more brides prefer to get a stone that has special meaning to them, as their birthstone or lucky stone. Fortunately, current fashion trends accommodate this demand nicely, and a ring can be customized to include any stone your sweetheart prefers.

As said, you can use a stone solo or include it in a halo of other stones. In any case, it will be perfectly acceptable and stylish. Besides, customization is one more way to get a special ring, so don’t be afraid to experiment, learn what stone she wants or considers to be her lucky one, and go for it. We at YourAsteria will help you to find a perfect stone and achieve the balance in the design and symbolism of this ring.

Yes, customization of jewelry is on the rise now and will only grow in popularity, so there is nothing unusual in such a request. We’d be glad to help you make a ring truly special.

Moreover, if you have a ring model in mind but need to change something in design or stone selection, feel free to ask. We love working with clients on the creation of this unique piece of jewelry. When you contribute to making an engagement ring, the result is truly outstanding. It reminds you of your romantic journey but also testifies to your commitment and care.


What is the most popular color for an engagement ring?

Earlier, the traditional answer would be a white diamond in white or yellow gold. But today, you can choose any color you like. However, mind that the more neutral the palette, the better the ring will fit into the existing jewelry collection. Softer, more subdued tones of stones in gold or silver will look miraculously good on every hand.

What is the most popular engagement ring carat size?

It depends on many factors. If we talk diamonds, 0.5 carat is the most popular sizing in Europe. In the USA, 1 carat is the standard for an engagement ring. But carat is not the main factor: shape, cut, clarity, and color define whether a diamond will look dazzling.

For colored gems, carat does not matter as much as color, clarity (for transparent stones), cut and overall beauty. Besides, since most stones are cheaper than diamonds, on the same budget you can get a really big and beautiful stone if you fancy it.

What engagement rings will never go out of style?

Simpler, classic styles never lose their appeal. Solitaires, three-stone rings, and halo rings are staples that always work well. You can stack them with bands, mix with fancier trendy styles or minimalistic rings, and the result will always look classy and cool.

Is it possible to choose a timeless engagement ring?

The main rule is to follow the tastes of the wearer and choose accordingly. A classic glitzy halo ring won’t please a minimalism lover, and a stripped-back band will not be accepted well by a fan of highly decorative vintage styles. There are general guidelines on what will stay in fashion and what will feel dated, but a ring should please one person, first and foremost – its owner. So start from there.


An engagement ring is a very special jewel because it has this special significance and symbolism lodged in it. So it deserves to be handcrafted and matched to your exact vision and important engagement ring trends 2023. We’ve listed some of the key points to remember, from fashionable settings to unconventional colored gems to use. Yet the decision is to be made by you two as a couple.

You may opt for a traditional diamond solitaire, choose colored gems or pick a special vintage-styles ring, and it will be fine as long as you like it. If you have something special in mind, we can make it happen. An engagement ring is supposed to be cherished and worn forever, so take your time exploring and planning, and we’ll always be there for you to bring this perfect design into life, for your ‘happily ever after.’

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