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Moonlit Promises

Capture the magic of your love with our Moonstone Engagement Rings. Each is:

  • Uniquely handcrafted
  • Imbued with lunar allure
  • A symbol of new beginnings

Artisan-made, these ethereal rings reflect the phases of your journey together. Choose a moonstone and let its mystic glow illuminate your path to forever.

Propose Under the Stars

47 products

47 products

To make the moment of the proposal extraordinary, you need an extraordinary ring.

And we can suggest a great option for that, a handmade moonstone engagement ring. The moonstone is a part of a huge number of legends, it is considered to be a magical stone. But even if you don't believe it, it's hard to deny the unusual beauty and pulchritude of it. Yourasteria can suggest to you a great range of moonstone rings, so you find the one you like. And what is the most convenient, you can choose and buy it online.

Who we are and what we offer

We are YOURASTERIA, the jewelry brand founded in 2015, in Ukraine. We are creating handcrafted pieces, with unique gemstones, which make our products special. Yourasteria fights for the jewel industry to become more ethical, so we started from our manufacturing. Our jewelry is made of recycled precious metals.

Our Benefits

Yourasteria carries out a worldwide delivery for free. We believe that jewelry is not only about beauty but also about uniqueness. That's why all our products are handmade, gemstones are chosen to a high standard. We use only conflict-free diamonds and recycled materials.

What is a Moonstone engagement ring and what does it mean?

Moonstone is a gem, which consists of feldspar minerals. It has such an interesting name, because of its sight. The most common look is a light stone with iridescent tints, but as well it can be blue or even brown.

The Moonstone engagement ring is the ring that contains a moonstone. It's important to know that all gems have their meaning and energy.

Throughout history, a lot of cultures endowed the stone with different magical senses.

Often, moonstone was called "the petrified moonlight", despite its earthly origin.

For example, in ancient India moonstone was believed to be a symbol of happiness. It is considered that its color changes according to the phases of the moon.


There is another beautiful legend about the moonstone. The moonstone is the tears of the Moon Goddess, which reached the Earth and hardened forever. The moonstone symbolizes peace of mind, love, well-being, reliability, and tenderness. Therefore the Moonstone engagement ring will be the right decision to propose, not only because of the nice sight but also because of its poetic meaning.

How to choose a Moonstone engagement ring

One of the advantages of a moonstone ring is that it looks delicate. It is the perfect choice to propose because this gem is commonly used, so it adds magic to such an event.

Of course, to choose the ring, you need to know the size, there are some methods of measuring, like using thread and ruler or the app. Then, it's necessary to decide on the size of the stone. What does your lover prefer, to be pompous and chic or restrained and classy? Maybe you want the ring to be inlaid not only with moonstone but also with other items. The moonstone looks brilliant in pair with diamond. So, if you decide to choose the bright variant, you should try this combination. Also, you need to choose metal, usually engagement rings are gold, but you still can choose the type. It can be white, rose or yellow.

How much is a good Moonstone engagement ring?

The price of a moonstone ring depends on the metal, size of the gem, additional materials that are used, and also the complexity. That's why the price may vary from a few hundred dollars to thousands.

How do I know the right size?

The easiest way to know the size is to ask, it won't work if you want to make a surprise, but it is the most reliable one. If you have access to other rings of your lover, you may use the app for measuring the size. The app suggests putting the ring on the display and comparing the size with giver rounds. Likewise, measure the ring diameter with a ruler and compare it with the ring sizes table.

Which ring settings are available?

On the Yourasteria site, you can customize your ring, and choose such options as size, type of metal, and carats.

The secret of high-quality Moonstone engagement rings. What does it take for the perfect ring?

To make a perfect moonstone ring it is needed to use real moonstone. There are a lot of fake moonstones, because of their rarity and value. That's why Yourasteria uses strict standards for selecting gems.

The real one shimmers and glistens in the sun, the structure of the stone is heterogeneous. There are a lot of air bubbles and crystals inside, which makes it chic and bright. Another reason why it is important to use the real moonstone is tactile sensation. The touching of the moonstone seems like silk.

Moonstone is fragile and requires special processing conditions, which makes the work difficult and painstaking.

Therefore, a moonstone ring needs to be handmade. The work will be more neat and reliable.

So, if you decided to add to your proposal a touch of magic and romance, you should buy a moonstone ring at the online shop Yourasteria. We offer handmade moonstone rings with natural gemstones, which will bring pleasure to your lover for a long time.

Questions you might have before committing a purchase:

What sizes can I buy online?

You can choose from 3 to 12 and a half.

On which hand is the Moonstone engagement ring worn?

Like all engagement rings, the moonstone ring is worn on the ring finger on the left hand.

How much is an engraving?

If you want to customize the ring with engraving, contact us. We will define the price.

How long does the delivery take?

Delivery times are individual. It varies on the place the order needs to be delivered. Yourasteria informs clients about approximate dates.