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10 products

Emeralds have always been considered regal gems, fit for kings and other important personas. Their price and their beauty made them accessible only to the few lucky ones, making the stones even more desirable. Today, however, the advances of chemistry mixed with the strong wish of people to have beautiful things made it possible to create lab-grown gems, equally mesmerizing but more mercifully priced. That’s why engagement or cocktail rings with emeralds have become a staple of the stock of jewelry shops big and small.

The uniquely green stone in a ring, in a necklace, or in earrings can elevate an outfit in an instant, adding true glamor and classiness. Besides, the gem is known to bring good luck, eternal love, peace, and hope to its owner. Not surprising that you may also want to impress your loved one with such a grand gemstone, especially if the price tag does not leave you broke.

Like every other precious stone, emeralds have their specifications and secrets, so let’s look closer at them before you start selecting a ring.

Emerald Properties

Emerald is a rather hard stone if we look at the Mohs scale number for it, but unlike diamonds or rubies, emerald is not very tough or resistant to impact. The point is, emerald is initially full of small cracks inside, and in bigger and more expensive stones it creates a mysterious pattern called ‘garden.’ This pattern adds to the beauty of the stone, but it also increases the chance of the stone getting damaged.

This is the reason the emerald cut was invented: to remove all protruding edges. This way of presenting the stone reduces the risk of problems and allows it to remain pleasing to the eyes and to the soul for many years to come.

Emerald Color and Clarity

Along with this physical property, emeralds are rated according to their clarity and depth of color.

The bigger, transparent, and deep-green stones will cost a lot. They are the most valuable since they represent this special emerald green color. No other stone in the world can imitate it.

Natural stones with some visible inclusions will cost less, and stones with light coloring will also have a smaller price tag. In addition, the color inside a single stone can change gradually, from darker to lighter (not very radically, though), and it’s also normal. Lab-grown stones won’t have any inclusions and will be crystal-clear, but they will have this magnificent color. In a ring, they will stand out among other jewels.

If you want the emerald ring to represent the best features of the stone, choose the stone that has little to no inclusions and is medium to deep green. Smaller stones won’t cost too much, and this lush coloring of the rainforest or a paradise garden will catch an eye immediately.

How to Choose a Ring

Now that you know about the main properties and features of emeralds, it’s time to decide on a ring design and setting. Currently, there is a strong fashion trend for dainty rings for daily wear, engagement rings included. Smaller stones and slim bands look airy and fresh and can be worn with a variety of personal styles. If you want a truly special slim ring that will be unique and well-made, choose from handmade engagement rings where every stone is carefully selected and certified and every detail works to enhance the design.


Emerald looks equally good in gold and silver. When made in gold, the ring will look classic, the universal piece to be worn with casual and formal outfits. Yellow tones will make the stone color look warmer and richer.

When cast in silver or white gold, the ring will look modern and sleek. The tint of stone will be cooler, and more crystalline, and it will go well with contemporary informal styles, stacked with other modern jewelry pieces.

Stone Combination

The stone combination can also vary. You can pick a ring with a solo emerald, with an emerald set into a halo of smaller colorless stones, or an emerald supported from two sides by contrasting stones, all lined up on a ring band. Fashion is very flexible today, and any style you pick will be fine, as long as you and your loved one appreciate it.

To put it short, look at the assortment of emerald rings available for purchase, evaluate the color and clarity of stones, and choose the best variant that will bring true joy to your loved one.