Opal as an engagement ring

If you look for unusual engagement ring, opal stone is right option for you, for the untraditional non-diamond bride, opals make the perfect engagement ring because they display a different kind of sparkle than a diamond.
An opal is an incredibly unique gemstone known for its display of flashing colors, which is called play-of-color. Formed during the dry period after seasonal rains in regions like Australia and  Ethiopia the opal is also the October birthstone.

Opals are gorgeous, unique, personal, and hugely popular. In fact, they are one of our top five most popular stones for engagement rings. No other gem features the same shimmering rainbow of colors that you'll find in opal.

Opals display bright flashes of color that change at every angle, with a broad range (and unique mix) of colors represented, and distinctive patterns that range from small pinpoints of color to large rolling flashes. There’s no alternative we can recommend that gives you a comparable look with better durability.

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