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Seal your commitment with our Unique & Handmade Dainty Gold Promise Rings. Expertly crafted to symbolize your love, each ring offers a delicate, bespoke charm that's as enduring as your promise to each other.

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169 products

Sometimes it is difficult to express our feelings just with words, so we buy gifts, make surprises, and put our love into material symbols. A promise ring is one such symbol that is getting more popular. Long long ago they were presented before the wedding. Let's find out what it is and what it means now.

What Is a Promise Ring?

Some people confuse promise rings with proposal ones, but it is not like that. A promise ring is presented by people, who are in a romantic relationship with each other as a sign of their devotion and loyalty to the person, but it doesn’t mean further engagement. A promise ring can be a method to suggest a serious relationship.

What Does a Promise Ring Mean?

According to the name, the promise ring means that people who wear it give each other a promise. The thing is that the promise can be their one.

It can be a vow to love, respect, and keep faith in each other.

If people had problems in their relationships, that can mean the promise to have enough patience and dignity to solve them. If you have long-distance relations, it could be a symbol of saving them.

Also, some people give promise rings to their friends to demonstrate love and respect, or as a sign of keeping their friendship.

Sometimes, people use promise rings instead of engagement rings, but usually, it is a promise of getting married in the future, without determination of a certain time.

What Is the Difference Between Promise and Engagement Rings?

The first difference between an engagement and a promise ring is that the reason for giving the promise to a person does not necessarily lead to the wedding. Also, engagement rings are intended only for lovers, while promise rings can be used also by friends or as self-gift.

One of the features of a proposal ring is the design that includes the diamond, which makes it more pompous and expensive. Unlike that promise rings are not burned by such design requirements, which makes them more available.

What Finger Do You Wear a Gold Promise Ring on?

There is no strict rule on what finger is dedicated to wearing a promise ring. But the choice can be conditioned by the goal of that gift. If the promise ring is a temporary fill-in and you want to exchange it with an engagement one in the future, choose the left ring finger. If you want to keep it after engagement or the ring does not imply further engagement, you can choose any other finger. It is popular to wear promise rings on index fingers. Or you can use it like a charm and add it to a chain and bracelet.

How to Choose a Gold Promise Ring?

The first step to choose a promise ring is to select the finger you want to wear it on. Some recommendations about wearing it were given above. After that, you can measure the ring size. There are a lot of ways to find out:

  1. Check it with a thread. Wrap it around your finger, then measure the length.
  2. If you already have one of the rings, that person you want to present the promise one, check the size with the application, or print the page with rings’ sizes and compare it with that one.
  3. Just ask. If you want to do a surprise, you should ask one of your relatives.

After you know the size, choose the metal. It will be great if the ring suits other jewelry. The most common picks are golden and silver rings. Next, you need to deal with style, it must be a unique, delicate gold promise ring or something usual. If your lover or friend likes something special you can refer to handmade gold promise rings.

How Much Is a Good Promise Ring?

The main advantage of promise rings is the price. Promise rings are way cheaper than engagement ones. Usually, even handcrafted gold promise rings you can buy at an affordable price. You can easily find dainty gold promise rings for her for under 200 dollars.

Because of that, lots of people, who are financially unprepared for the wedding or family life, but want to make their partners aware of their obligations and affection, buy promise rings.

Who Buys a Promise Ring?

Young couples who are not ready to get married quite often use promise rings. Men buy promise rings for women to confess their love or to show how serious their intentions are. As we mentioned, friends also can exchange promise rings to express their deep feelings to each other.

Frequently promise rings are more delicate than engagement ones.

Interesting thing is that you can buy a promise ring just for yourself, as a sign of self-love, praise for achievement, or a note for keeping your way.

Can a Promise Ring be Anything?

It could be said that it is no inappropriate promise ring. This is the beauty of promise rings because there is no standard about them. It can be whatever you want: with the gem or without it. It can be conspicuous, an unusual promise ring, or unique and gentle.

One of the reasons why handcrafted promise rings are widespread is because some of the promises can be very personal, so the design should be changed to be more special or private engraving should be added.

If it is a romantic promise ring, you can add etched names on that.

In conclusion, I can say that a promise ring just can be a tangible expression of your values and feelings. There are no requirements to its sight, a moment you should present it or a person you give it to.

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