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360 products

360 products

Exclusive and Elegant Handmade Engagement Rings - Buy Them Online From Yourasteria

When you propose and hear the sweetest ‘yes’ from the person you love dearly, you want the world to stop and listen, or at least to notice the importance and beauty of the moment. And we believe we can help you to make the moment shine for those around you – we can bring you the finest and most unique engagement rings that are exquisite and delicate at the same time. These rings will tell everyone who sees them about the deep love and appreciation you have for your dear other.

About Our Company And The Values We Bring You

We preach the polished, subtle, and elegant approach in all we do. As an independent jewelry brand, we started a small Etsy shop of handmade jewelry with our headquarters in Ukraine. Our vision of design has garnered positive responses from customers, and we grew into a full-fledged jewelry company with global operations.

However, our approach never changes: every piece is carefully created by hand, matched to a customer’s wishes and current trends. Our jewelry is elegant enough to go with formal attire but also sleek and understated to be fit for daily wear.

Our creative and skilled team never stops innovating and leading with creativity, mixing the classic combos of precious metals and stones with a modern sense of freedom and flexibility. Whether you choose a ring for an occasion, like special engagement rings, or a sweet birthday gift, it will impress the wearer and match the contemporary lifestyle well.

Advantages Of Buying The Jewelry From Us

Why choose our Dainty Engagement rings for her among the rest? We blend into each and every piece:

  • contemporary styles that fuse classics and innovation,
  • affordable pricing that does not compromise the quality of every piece,
  • the skills of our craftsmen that allow them to create unique engagement rings that will impress but also be comfortable and easy to wear.

An Engagement Ring: What Is It?

An engagement ring is given as a symbol of proposal and engagement that precedes the actual wedding ceremony. It is a token of strong intentions and clear timelines when the wedding and partying are already put on the map. No more hesitation and waiting, an engagement ring is a loud ‘yes, I do’ obvious to everyone close to the happy couple and a statement piece of jewelry to sport proudly during a day or a night. That’s why engagement rings for women hold an important and special place in any jewelry collection.

Now And Then: Meaning Behind The Engagement Ring

An engagement ring means an official marriage proposal, and it marks the start of the period of engagement, i.e. the time between the proposal (and its acceptance) and the actual wedding ceremony. Earlier, the cost of the ring was a symbol of a groom’s financial status. Today, its meaning is more spiritual but nevertheless important. An engagement ring is still a serious symbol as it stands for very particular obligations that you are expected to fulfill. This ring openly declares the commitment and love that you share now and want to carry into the future.

Key Steps Of Choosing An Engagement Ring

Like in every serious endeavor, there are several points you need to think through before you buy a ring.

  • Size – you can ask your girlfriend about her ring size or take one of her rings secretly and ask a jeweler to measure its inner diameter.
  • Style – to guess what style would please a girl of your dreams may be a trickier task, but the simpler it is, the better. An engagement ring is worn traditionally stacked with a wedding band, so they should match even if purchased separately.
  • Material – traditionally, engagement rings are made of rose, yellow, or white gold, platinum, and sometimes silver. In rare cases, titanium may be used as material for very unusual engagement rings because of symbolic or aesthetic purposes. In contrast, cheap materials that lose their dressy look soon do not match the idea of longevity and unshakable connection that the ring carries.
  • Stones depend on the taste of the person who will wear them. Diamonds are the classics, but any other stone is fine, be it a birthstone, a stone chosen by color, or any other consideration. We offer the most popular and beautiful stones, but our collection also features truly unique options like moss agate, alexandrite, moonstone, and sunstone that are hard to find in mainstream jewelry collections.
  • Jewelry trends are the last consideration to take into account, because an engagement ring should stand the test of time and never get dated, at least obviously dated. So, the simpler the ring, the better, again. Fancy complex shapes are fun at first, but later they become tiresome and hard to stack or fit into the whole look. Classic slim bands with solitaires, halo rings, or delicate clusters of stones are the first stop when it goes about such an investment piece.

Cost Of A Good Ring: The Brackets To Consider

For sure, you may want to splurge on such an important piece, but if you are not a member of the royal family and don’t need to flash that ring for tabloids, settle on something that’s reasonably priced. Traditionally, it is OK to spend up to $2,000 - $3,000 on an engagement ring, and this jewelry piece will be truly impressive. Today it is also fully acceptable to go moderate and buy pretty delicate engagement rings that will cost up to $500 and look really stylish. It’s not about the price, it’s about the quality of the ring and your sincerity when you give it to your love.

Giving And Wearing This Symbolic Jewelry Piece

Giving and wearing an engagement ring are those special thrilling moments that make our life brighter. Giving a ring is a small festivity to be long remembered, and wearing a ring is a statement that underscores the new exciting status of a lady owning the ring.

The ring is offered to a girl in some romantic setting, whether in a restaurant, in some natural venue, or on a trip as a surprise, you get it. Usually, this little performance takes place in presence of friends or family and is actively recorded for boasting in the socials, so be sure to be groomed and well-dressed for the occasion. Traditionally, the one giving the ring bends the knee and offers a jewel in a pretty box. When the girl says yes, the groom slips the ring on the ring finger of her left hand and the celebration begins.

The ring is worn on a daily basis, stacked with other rings or alone. When the wedding takes place, the ring is worn together with the wedding band. Currently, there is a trend of soldering an engagement and a wedding ring together, essentially making them a single jewel. But it’s totally up to a girl to decide whether she likes the idea.

The Secrets Of Good Rings And How To Understand That This Is A Perfect Ring For You

A ring is usually evaluated by its look and the stone size, but that’s not all that makes up a truly great piece of jewelry.

The quality of manufacturing needs to be considered first. A poorly crafted ring won’t last long, thus disappointing the person you love. Our handmade engagement rings are made with care and skills that ensure the durability and comfort of every item. They won’t break apart in a month or two and will be safe to wear every day.

Metals also matter. Engagement and promise rings are traditionally made of precious metals (promise rings for women silver cast with colored gems are particularly popular), so check the mark to know for sure what the ring is made of.

The quality of stones is one of the key points to consider. Diamonds, moissanites, quartz, and zirconia need to be transparent, with a glass-like shine. Amethysts, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and opals may be opaque and vary in shades. And, naturally, the bigger the stone, the higher the price.

Settings And Shapes That You Can Buy

Our subtle handcrafted engagement rings come in a variety of styles, from modern to antique and Victorian. Choose a ring in white or yellow gold, or in silver, with a diamond or a colored gem, and get a unique piece like no other. The setting design includes solitaire rings, halo and semi-halo rings, three-stone rings, cluster rings, and more. You will definitely find something to the taste of your loved one.

Questions To Ask Before You Buy The Ring Online

The big perfect images that are usually displayed in jewelry shops make you want to buy engagement rings online on the spot, without further thinking. But wait a bit: there are questions to ask a seller before paying for the precious thing.

Size of the ring: inquire about the size of the ring and if the necessary size is available. If not, ask if the ring can be resized safely without changes in design. We offer a wide line of ring sizes, from the extra small to large ones, with quarter sizes available for each full ring size.

Resizing: clarify if resizing is possible for a given model. It may turn out after the actual purchase that a chosen ring does not have a perfect fit, so post-purchase resizing may be necessary.

Peculiarities of handling a chosen stone: some stones are sturdier than others; some should not come into contact with heat or chemicals. Learn about the characteristics of the stone you buy in advance.

Delivery and return policy: we all can have second thoughts, so clarify the matter of return and how long the delivery will take. You need to have the ring before this special date, so calculating the right shipping time is essential.

Selecting The Right Ring Size

To be on the safe side, use the ring chart offered by the jewelry shop you plan to buy from. Different metric systems have different measuring approaches, so what in Europe is marked as 16 or 17, in the USA will be marked as 6 or 7, for example (the correlation is very rough, mind you).

So measure the inner diameter of one of her rings and consult our Ring Sizing Guide to choose the right size. And remember that the right fit is when the ring neither sits too tight nor slips off the finger easily. It should be comfortably worn around the finger base and get pulled off the middle joint of the finger with slight difficulty.

Are All Ring Sizes Available Online?

Technically, all ring sizes are available online, another question is if the selected ring is made in the desired size. But handcrafted rings do not have this problem since they can be made exactly to measurement right from the start.

The Hand To Wear An Engagement Ring On

The very name ‘ring finger’ already prompts the answer. The engagement ring is to be worn on the ring finger of the left hand, on the same finger that the wedding band will be worn on. So these two rings will be stacked, and preferably, they should match at least in one design feature.

What Price Tag To Expect For A Good Engagement Ring?

No one can tell you how much money you should spend to buy engagement rings. It’s totally up to you. But if you need some guidance, here it is: the price of a ring made of precious metal with colored or colorless gems will start around $150. That’s if we speak about slim lightweight rings. The heftier the ring, the pricier it is. The sky's the limit to the prices.

But generally, if you invest around $300-$1000 into a well-made piece of unique design, it will be the best decision.

Ring Engraving: The Approximate Price

Some rings with wider bands can be engraved according to your taste. The price of work will fluctuate around $30 - $40.

Delivery: Time And Conditions

As an independent jewelry shop, we create our rings by hand according to our proprietary designs. That’s why we will need time to make the ring and then ship it. So please, order the ring in advance so that we have enough time to gather the required materials, craft it, and send it with a time allowance big enough to set off any delays. We ship all around the globe, just give us some time to bring this important jewel to you. You may learn all details of shipping by following this link.

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