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Explore our exquisite collection of Unique & Handmade Silver Promise Rings, where each piece tells a story of commitment and love. Crafted with care by talented artisans, these silver rings blend traditional techniques with modern designs to create truly personal symbols of your promise. Perfect for those who cherish individuality and craftsmanship, our selection offers a variety of styles to celebrate your unique connection. Choose a promise ring that resonates with your personal love story and commitment.

79 products

79 products

What’s In A Name: What Does A Promise Ring Stand For?

Among many symbolic jewels, a promise ring is probably not the most famous one. However, it is a very romantic and meaningful item that is regaining its popularity, and there is no reason why you should not give it to your loved one, especially if you have far-reaching plans of getting married in the future. A promise ring is just that: a promise of marriage that will happen later because of some circumstances that don’t let you tie the knot immediately.

Such circumstances may vary in every individual situation. Someone needs to complete a degree and just cannot devote themselves to family life at the moment. Someone needs to make essential steps on a career ladder to get financially secure before proposing officially. Every reason is serious, and if two people need to wait before they can say the nuptial vows, it’s a great idea to exchange tokens that will symbolize this intent for the future. They will remind them of love and devotion during the waiting time and will make a nice add-on to an engagement ring when the happy moment arrives.

What Is A Particular Meaning Of A Promise Ring?

A promise ring is not an engagement ring. It’s a necessary disclaimer, for a starter. A promise ring is a promise of marriage, but with an open date. When you exchange such special silver promise rings with a loved one, you confirm that your plans for the shared future are serious, but you still have to decide on the timeline.

For example, when you give a promise ring, you can say that when you finish your degree you will get engaged, or when you get the desired position you will set the wedding date. But the time of making the exact pivotal decisions is yet to come. Now you just confirm that you plan to marry this person later in your life. Surely, ‘later on’ does not mean decades. When promise rings are mentioned, people usually talk about 2 to 4 years of delay, but it’s up to you two to set your own timeline.

Choosing It Right: Picking A Perfect Silver Promise Ring

To begin with, there is no particular formal shape for a promise ring that sets it apart from other rings. If a wedding ring has another name ‘band’ for its rather simple shape, and if an engagement ring is an occasion to go for bling and choose a spectacular stone, then a promise ring can have any shape you like. Maybe, the only recommendation is that you make it understated and not too eye-catching to avoid unwanted questions and assumptions made by people around you. In addition, a dainty slim ring is perfectly stackable and blends well into any jewelry style and combination.

Silver is considered less formal and more subtle than gold, so silver is a great material for handcrafted silver promise rings. Besides, silver is a perfect pair for white gold, and if you choose an engagement ring in platinum or white gold, and a white gold wedding band, a wearer can mix and match all three as they please. That’s why in promise rings for women silver is a perfect material from all viewpoints.

So how does one choose a ring? It’s necessary to consider a stone, a ring shape, and a wearer’s preferences. The cost of a pretty dainty ring won’t be very high, so you’ll have a lot of options to choose from.


When it comes to stones, diamonds are the first thing that comes to mind. They are stylish and versatile. However, a cheaper but equally spectacular colorless stone is available for setting in silver. It is cubic zirconia. A delicate silver band with a sparkling stone evokes thoughts of stars, frosted windows, shiny raindrops, and all things beautiful and bright. Pick a round stone, an oval or a pear stone, or a constellation of smaller stones for an impressive and smart look.

Citrine with its warm honey tint will stand out against the cool silver setting. A halo of small clear stones elevates the design to the haute couture level.

Emerald is an amazingly beautiful stone, and when placed in an interesting silver setting, it attains that special mysterious deep color with cooler undertones. The emerald in silver essentially shines from the inside, and your loved one will definitely appreciate the ring.


If we talk about dainty silver promise rings for her, slim and fine bands and smaller stones are usually meant. However, slim does not mean boring. Slim rings can take very intricate and elaborate forms, their metallic elements can intertwine, split and merge again, form criss cross elements, and get geometrical or fancy to create interesting effects.

Stones can be placed in a variety of designs, whether to show off the stone against a simple band or to accentuate the twists and curves of a silver shank. Clusters of stones can sit atop the band as central elements or flank the big stone.

The diversity of designs is immense since silver is very moldable and allows for free experimentation. If you want truly unique pieces, buy handmade silver promise rings. Then the opportunities provided by metal and stones will be used to the full and matched to your vision.

Wearer’s Tastes

Also, an important point to consider. It’s better to know the tastes in advance and pick the handcrafted jewel that will truly please the future owner. Learn about preferred stones, materials, and elements of design and choose something that reflects these preferences. In this case, a ring will be cherished by your loved one even more.

On What Finger Is It Appropriate to Wear A Silver Promise Ring?

Usually, a promise ring can be worn on the middle fingers of each hand or on the ring finger of a right hand. The clue is not to wear the ring on the finger on which an engagement ring is worn. Then, the ring won’t raise much interest in its special meaning and will snugly decorate the hands of a wearer.

Unique silver promise rings are also perfect for stacking, so it’s totally fine to mix and match them with the rings from the personal collection.

What Is A Reasonable Price For A Promise Ring?

Technically, it all depends on how much you want and can spend. However, if silver promise rings for women are meant, the price should not be sky-high. If a ring features a stone other than a diamond, the price will be rather moderate without compromising the elegant and sparkly look.

Usually, the price will linger around $70 to maybe $100, depending on the design, but when a good discount is offered, you can snatch a perfect piece for half of the price. Pricing as low as $40 or $50 for a precious piece (not costume jewelry) should not surprise you, as it may be the final clearance before the arrival of a new collection.

Whose Task Is It To Buy A Promise Ring?

That’s an interesting question. A guy can buy a ring for his beloved girl, a girl can buy a ring for her sweetheart, or a couple can buy a matching pair of promise rings and exchange them. So whether you buy one ring to give to a lady, or you buy two rings together, it’s totally fine, as long as it suits you as a couple.

Can A Promise Ring Be Of Any Shape And Design?

We’d say, yes. A promise ring can be of any shape and design you can imagine. Just steer clear of the mass market jewelry made of cheap alloys, because it will lose its attractive look after a couple of months of active wearing.

Instead, go for precious metals and precious or semiprecious stones to ensure that the ring will stand the test of time, just like your love and marital plans. Unusual silver promise rings look particularly great in this respect. The design is up to you, the only remark being that the subtler the ring, the fewer questions it will stir in others.

Besides, delicate silver promise rings will always look classy and trendy, so a lady will be able to enjoy wearing them at any moment of time. We believe it’s an argument good enough to encourage you to go for this particular timeless and elegant style.

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