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259 products

Finding the Best Promise Rings for Her – Tokens of Love and Hope

It’s hard to give specific pieces of advice on how to choose a ring because sometimes you just look through the options and suddenly realize that this is it, and sometimes you just cannot make up your mind. But there are some key factors that will guide you towards that very special item or at least will prompt you on what to look for in a perfect ring.

So, when picking unique promise rings for her, take guidance in style preferences learned from the girl you plan to give a ring to (if possible), look at the stone, decide on metal and shape, consider the price and buy something truly special. Then you won’t miss the target.

What’s In The Name: A Promise Ring

If you think that a promise ring has something to do with promises, you get it right. However, people may give promises in a variety of situations so what is this promise exactly about? This promise is about marriage, but not in the way we usually think about it. A promise ring stands for a promise to marry, but without a fixed date. It is not a proposal as such; it is a preliminary word of hope and commitment.

Life can create many situations when two people cannot join their lives immediately or in the nearest future. They have to wait for a few years before the cherished event, but they do plan to marry no matter what.

To officiate this decision and the promise given to each other, the couple exchanges promise rings. Or one person gives a ring to another person. It all depends on your individual wishes.

The Meaning Behind The Jewel

So, a promise ring means that a couple plans to marry at some point in the future. This point is still not determined, but the plan to tie the knot is already made, and people agree to wait to bring this plan to life. The ring is a physical embodiment of this plan, and it’s a remedy against hopeless thoughts and joyless days when separation may seem too hard and the future too uncertain. The ring shines on a finger like a tiny bright star reminding us that the hardships are temporary and the happy moment will arrive someday.

That’s why a promise ring is quite an important piece of jewelry, and that’s why you should choose and buy promise rings for her with the same care as you would approach picking an engagement ring or wedding bands.

Tricks Of The Trade: Choosing A Great Promise Ring

Let’s explore in detail how to choose an excellent ring that will please your sweetheart.

Style – a promise ring is supposed to be more modest and subdued than an engagement ring or cocktail ring, so choose dainty promise rings that are slim but cool. A polished thin band in yellow, rose, or white gold that reflects light and well-chosen stones put on the ring in a whimsy pattern make a pretty combo without overbearing other jewelry. Sure, modern trends focus on daring or very minimalist designs, but they come out of fashion equally fast. Delicate and elaborate ring classics are the best bet.

Metal – for your precious love, only precious metals work well. Don’t go for cheap costume jewelry. Pick gold promise rings for her for a more universal look, or go for silver if you want a modern feel.

Stones – diamonds are beyond competition, but other colored gems, especially rare ones, look sublime when styled simply. Ask what your sweetheart’s birthstone or favorite stone is, or present a ring with sunstone, moonstone, moss agate, or alexandrite, ruby, and sapphire. Such gems never go out of style.

Shape – again, simple promise rings are the universal option. Single bands, dual bands, slanted twigs, semi-halos, fine clusters of stones, and solitaires of various shapes – the rich variety of designs of simple rings can impress you.

Cost – it depends. You may want to splurge or save some money. Either way, you can find something really beautiful under the price limit you set for yourself. The price for really good handcrafted promise rings for her will begin at somewhere around $300, so take it as a starting point and let your reason guide you.

Wear It Right: On What Finger Do You Put A Promise Ring?

It’s an interesting question, but generally, you can wear it on any finger you like except probably the ring finger of the left hand. We believe that’s obvious: a ring on this finger is immediately seen as a sign of engagement, and if you don’t want to make the meaning of your promise ring public, you should avoid questions about it altogether.

So wear it on the middle fingers of either hand, on the ring finger of your right hand, or on your index fingers, if you like it. In such a way, the ring won’t stir unwanted attention but will blend smoothly into the regular hand jewelry set.

The Reasonable Price For A Good Promise Ring

It depends on materials, stones, and the amount of work put into the ring. If you look for truly unique promise rings made of precious materials, the price will start somewhere around $100 for a very slim band. Then the price can grow incrementally or jump to whopping thousands, depending on the ring features.

A pretty dainty ring that is not that small can cost from $300 to $1000 (the latter applies if we talk about gold and real diamonds). Other gemstones will cost less, making the price hover around $400-$600. So if you manage to procure a nice ring made of gold (or silver) and gems within these brackets, you are totally reasonable and get the real value for your money. And remember that the unique handwork and custom design that you get in our rings are truly priceless.

Are There Rules On Who Should Buy And Give A Promise Ring?

It fully depends on your decisions made together. Traditionally, a young man bought such a ring if he knew for sure he would marry the girl he loved and the girl shared this intention. Today, you can shop for handmade promise rings together, or a girl may buy this ring first and give it to her beau, and he will give her the ring in return. This lovely ritual is designed and executed solely by you as a couple, without anyone else involved. So you get to decide how it will happen and who will buy and give the ring(s).

Can I Buy A Promise Ring Of Any Style And Shape I Want?

Totally yes. A promise ring can have any shape and composition you prefer, but the key is to keep it subtle and relatively understated, like silver promise rings for her or very fine rose gold rings. Choose a slim band of some interesting shape, with one bigger or a few small stones, and you get a perfect promise ring. It should not daze and amaze at a first glance, that’s the task of an engagement ring and its time is yet to come.

A promise ring should be delicate and clean, like your love and devotion. And later on, it will be effortlessly worn together with a wedding band and engagement ring, symbolically uniting the stages of your romantic journey into a complete and perfectly matching whole.

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