11 Best Types Of Promise Rings For Her And What Makes Them So Special

Selecting a meaningful gift for your loved one always seems like a daunting task. Selecting a special ring that manifests your affection and an important promise may look like an impossible mission. On the one hand, you want to find perfection, something flawless and unique, like your love. On the other hand, there are always some rules, and some small nuances to account for while opting for the stone, shape, and color of the piece.

We fully understand all your concerns. Hence, although we pride ourselves in each and every jewelry piece we craft, we want to help you focus on the best options of promise rings with regard to how these rings are worn and what additional meaning they can have.

Silver or Gold?

The first stumbling point is the metal of the ring. Here, no rules apply. You can choose whatever you like or whatever your sweetheart prefers and wears often as a feature of her style.

Simple and nice promise rings for her crafted in rose gold are timeless classics, noble and chic, and will elevate any jewelry set. Yellow gold will also work well, for that matter.

Silver is lighter and cooler in appearance, fits easily into everyday outfits, and does not need particular styling or jewelry planning. Silver promise rings look ethereal and breezy, and in line with current eclectic trends, can be easily mixed together with gold jewelry.

It all depends on the taste here (and the price, if you wish). Look what metal prevails in the girl’s jewelry collection and choose accordingly. If you look for the best promise rings for couples, decide on the metal for the ring together with your girlfriend.

This was a relatively simple step of choosing, and now we steer into the more nuanced and complex area – types of rings based on shape, stones, and style. That’s where some professional tips and guidance will be helpful in your search.

11 Best Types Of Promise Rings For Her

To keep our focus while selecting a shiny confection, let’s recap what a promise ring is. It is a ring given before the engagement ring and the wedding band. So it’s reasonable to plan that this ring will be worn as a set with those two, and it should not outshine them.

It gives us the first prompt: keep the promise ring understated and slim. Big-stone glitzy rings and wide-band baubles usually belong to the department of cocktail and engagement jewelry, so leave them there for now.

A delicate band with one stone or a sprinkle of smaller ones will be the best option, effortless but stylish. It will blend well with other jewelry pieces and will look good on its own. Add the uniqueness of a skillfully handcrafted piece into the mix and you get the perfect ring that will be treasured by the girl you love.

Now let’s sort the best types of rings by stones and styles, and you are ready to make this important purchase.

Diamond Rings: Which One To Choose As A Promise Ring

Diamonds are truly forever, so if you are not sure about the specific preferences of your loved one, buy a diamond ring. Diamonds stand apart from other precious stones, so when you give one to your sweetheart, you do mean that you are very serious in your intentions. The size of a diamond should be relatively small to match a delicate band. A shiny drop will fit any combination of hand jewelry and will look great on its own.

Good-quality diamonds of a modest size won’t cost you a fortune. So you can spend between $350 and approximately $600 on one of our best quality promise rings with diamonds that will proudly speak of your promise. The most popular and universal styles of such pieces are:

  • solitaires (one relatively big stone in the center),
  • three-stone rings (one bigger stone flanked by two smaller ones),
  • cluster rings (a cluster of small diamonds),
  • multiple-stone rings (several graduated stones placed along the band, thus resembling a constellation).

Due to their shape, solitaires and cluster rings are great when worn alone, and three-stone and constellation rings are excellent for stacking and combining with other hand jewelry.

Gemstone Promise Rings And Their Best Types

Gemstones are the epitome of luxury, but they also give you a chance to customize the ring, picking your girl’s birthstone, the stone she likes best, or a stone that matches the color of her eyes. Here, only your imagination is your limit.

The most valued and popular gems are ruby, sapphire, emerald, topaz, alexandrite, and amethyst, followed by impressive opals, garnets, and citrines. If you look for a unique stone, pick moss agate, rutilated quartz, or sunstone. Zirconia and moissanite close this gems’ parade, but they are totally amazing for rings in their own right.

Due to their intense color, gems don’t need to go in clusters or sequences to look amazing. They look their best in the following ring styles, so if you pick one as a promise ring, you’ll make the right decision.

Classic shape

A bigger solitaire gemstone in the center of a slim band is something of a statement. It catches the eye but does not look too bold.

It may be accompanied by tiny diamonds or zirconia, but the leading tune is played by the stone alone.

Sapphire, emerald, and alexandrite in classic shapes make absolutely cute promise rings and look amazing alone or in combination with other rings.

You can buy these ring styles in gold starting at $399 and averaging at $450 and $480 or opt for silver and pay around $280.

If you match, say, emerald to May as the month of her birth, or sapphire to September, the ring will be a total hit. It will also tell your sweetheart how attentive and caring you are. A perfect message for a promise ring.


This style is great for stacking and for those who prefer to keep it simple yet elegant. One or two tiny gems that almost match the width of the band are ideal for ladies who usually don’t wear jewelry but who want to carry the sweet promise with them.

A pop of color for such rings is delivered by rubies, while tiny emerald drops on a wide silver band will look fresh and joyful. Present a ring with rubies as a symbol of your flaming love, and the romantic significance of the promise ring will grow manifold.

Opt for a minimalistic three-stone diamond or moissanite ring in rose gold, and you buy a versatile ring that will work with any jewelry collection, from classic to ethnic or custom-made. Sleek and dainty promise rings with rubies or other small gems won’t cost you a fortune, the price being around $385-$400.

Art Deco

Not every girl loves classic styles or minimalism, and that’s fine. If your sweetheart fancies more ornate and whimsical shapes, we have you covered (or equipped).

Marquise-cut and pear-cut gems flanked by colorless diamonds or zirconia look magnificent and unusual. They give this special glamorous Roaring Twenties vibe without being too much.

Amethyst, topaz, and aquamarine look sublime in these rings, and at the same time, they won’t break the bank, even when crafted in gold. Their price hovers between $280 and $450, and they are worth every cent of it.

Victorian style

More subtle than Art Deco but still unusual and interesting, the Victorian style keeps a central gemstone bright and simple and experiments with the band. The band is a sequence of graduated marquise-like shapes encrusted with small diamonds or zirconia. Such a band would look great alone, and paired with a deep-colored gem, it makes a ring really impressive but not overbearing.

If your sweetheart loves unusual jewels and prefers something just between classic and extravagant, this type of ring is tailored for her.

Amethyst, sapphire, ruby, and diamond all match this ring style and give an heirloom feel without being dated. The price of Victorian rings in gold is about $340 to $550, so you can easily afford one and then splurge on an engagement ring if you wish.


Girls who love nature and calm earthy colors, as well as stones that resemble sunlight or moonlight, will appreciate the nature-inspired rings. We have such rings in our handcrafted collection, and they are both ethereal and elegant.

Moss agate, opal, rutilated quartz, and sunstone are the stones perfect for this ring type. They are unique in their appearance (no two agates are alike, for example), yet they look classy and polished in simple or more ornate settings.

The price for these rings begins at $300 and reaches $600 for particularly beautiful and high-grade opals, and they are fully worth their money.

Celtic style

This particular style stands apart due to its intricately crafted branching and twisted band. It resembles the complex Celtic ornaments and knots yet is simple enough to be worn every day. The complex shape of the band requires minimalism in stones, so a solitaire or one bigger or two smaller stones complete the style.

This ring is excellent for girls who love complex shapes and jewelry featuring layered and branching designs.

The price begins at approximately $300 and can move up a bit if you want a diamond as a central stone.

Matching Promise Rings For Couples

And finally, we want to draw your attention to one particular kind of ring that spells promise no matter the design: matching couple rings.

It’s pretty great that you want to please your girlfriend with a ring and show her that you are planning your life together, but imagine how amazing it is to exchange two rings, giving a promise to each other. Both you and she do it, and it doubles your joy and makes the commitment really special.

The best matching promise rings for couples are not necessarily identical. They can be identical in metal but differ in design; they can have the same stones, but different shapes.

Or else, they can be fully identical, made according to your unique design, and speak volumes to you and your loved one.

If you opt for a pair of rings, it’s better to go into the selection or designing process together. Then these rings will reflect your common vision and devotion to each other.

You can choose rings with or without stones, and get special engraving or embed details that have an important meaning to you as a couple. The price will depend on the design and stones preferred – or their absence. But every time these custom-designed rings will remind you of your marital plans and the sweet moments waiting ahead.


As you see, the choice of good promise rings for her is really wide. Our artisans have designed and crafted versatile, stylish, and timeless models to match any taste and to please the pickiest girl.

We hope we provided sufficient guidance for you to make the selection of a ring a smooth journey. It’s the meaning behind this precious gift that matters most. But if you wish for a particular ring, stone, or both, or want to immortalize your promise in something truly special, our jewelers will assist you in it, matching their expertise to your dream.

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