What is the meaning of Moonstones?

People around the world recognize the properties and meaning of moonstone. Some people wear moonstone because it's a beautiful stone. Others recognize the power and benefits it can bring into your life.
Some cultures see moonstone as a representation of the yin, or feminine energy.
Others see the moonstone as bringing the soothing energy from the moon -- the reason why we call it "moonstone." Moonstone holds an other-worldly and celestial element, like the moon itself.
Still, others use the stone to bring peace, relaxation, and balance into their life.
If you want to know more about moonstone, continue reading to learn about the meaning of moonstones.
The earlier gemstone is found only in the parts of India and Sri Lanka in large numbers, but now it can be found all over the world. But Rome and Greek become first to find out the powers of this gemstone and they also believe that this gemstone is a gift from the moon goddess. According to Hindu mythology Moon-god, Chandra is the symbol of peace, and they believe Moonstone as a gemstone for peace.
Thus people believe that this stone provides peace when it wears in the form of jewelry. Then after Moonstone traveled to Europe and during the period of Art nouveau, a French goldsmith named Rene Lalique made an amazing piece of jewelry with the use of moonstone crystal. Then it becomes among people.
Moonstone holds a different kind of energy within itself. Commonly it is known for energy along with that helps to feel calm and collected. In Greek and Rome, people believed that Moonstone has lunar properties. With all these properties, Moonstone’s popularity extended in various countries and different cultures. It helps women who want to conceive.

You can buy a standalone moonstone crystal, but moonstone is the most powerful when worn on the skin. This is why moonstone jewelry is so popular.

Wearing moonstone activates healing and enhances feelings of love and relaxation.

Moonstone is recommended for women. By wearing moonstone, women can exercise the feminine energy that will guide them with love and fertility.

Since each moonstone is unique and comes in a variety of forms, use different pieces for various types of jewelry. You'll reap more of the benefits of moonstone this way.

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