When All This Glitter Is Gold: Tips on Selecting The Right Gold Color For A Perfect Engagement Ring


Selecting the gold color for your engagement ring can seem a petty task compared to other decisions, yet don’t be in haste. Today, you can use several types of gold colors to create a sublime jewel, but each type has its peculiarities. Improperly matched gold and a stone can diminish the glory of an otherwise perfect ring, and to the contrary, well matched colors can make even the simplest ring stand out. So read our guide to variations of this precious metal and decide on the best type of gold for that unique ring that you have envisioned.

Truly Precious Information: Types Of Gold Currently Used For Engagement Rings

Before you can start choosing anything, it’s important to know what options are provided and what the smartest choice is. So here’s a briefing on the types of gold that are the most popular and practical for engagement rings.

Yellow gold

Yellow gold is classic and its color is rich warm yellow, with this unique golden shine. This type of gold is popular for classic, minimalist, and over-the-top jewelry and it’s go-to when important jewelry pieces are bought or commissioned. It matches most gemstones and diamonds and does not darken or change its color over time. If you ask yourself a question: is yellow gold good for engagement rings, the answer is definitive yes.

White gold

White gold is essentially yellow gold with the addition of platinum or palladium. This type of gold is icy-white and shiny, and it creates a perfect background for top-class diamonds and gems that can change their undertones in the presence of yellow or rose gold. You can safely choose it for a luxurious ring as it’s cheaper than platinum or palladium but is equally beautiful. The only reservation is that it can change its color to yellow as time passes, and to avoid it, a ring usually gets a coating of rhodium.

Rose gold

This gold color is coming into fashion as of now and is predicted to hold its position firmly. Rose gold has a very subtle pinkish tint that works well with different skin tones and adds additional charm to a jewelry piece. The only reservation is that due to the slightly higher concentration of copper that creates the pink shade, this gold may cause allergy in sensitive people. So you’d better clarify it in advance with your sweetheart.

Plan Your Journey: What To Consider When Choosing The Right Gold Color

Now that you know what gold types are most popular, let’s see how they match the jewelry designing (or choosing) process.

Skin tone

Skin tone is not the color but the undertone that makes skin look cool or warm. Warmer skin tones benefit from yellow and rose gold and cooler tones work nicely with white gold and sometimes rose gold, depending on the gem color in the ring. Yet this is only a piece of advice and not a rule. Other considerations are equally important in making the right choice.

Personal style

If your loved one wears white gold and silver, buy a white gold ring. If she has most of the jewelry executed in yellow gold, go for yellow gold. If she likes rose gold… you got it. It depends on what she likes and wears, so pay a bit of attention to her jewelry collection before venturing into a jewelry shop.

Diamond or gemstone color

As said, certain gold colors complement colored or colorless stones better than others. Knowing what color gold looks best with diamonds will help you spot a perfect ring, but you can always ask a reputable jeweler how to match them with subtlety and taste.


Fortunately, all three types of gold are not that expensive, especially when compared to platinum, for example. The cost of the ring will depend more on the stone, its size, the amount of gold used, and the work invested into the ring. So here, the type of gold doesn’t matter much.

A Match Made In Heaven: How To Pair Gold Color With Color Of Stones

Actually, the only real authority in selecting the gold color for the engagement ring is you, with your knowledge of your sweetheart's tastes and the prevalent color in her jewelry box. However, if you are ready to take some help, or rather, friendly nudging in the right direction, let’s focus on one point mentioned above: some gold colors work better with particular stone colors. A proper pairing can make an immense difference even for the most minimalist or modest ring.

Yellow gold and white diamonds

Although the hot fashion of today dictates that perfect colorless diamonds should be set into white gold, the classic and timeless pairing is yellow gold and white diamond. In this combination, the stone does not dissolve into a similar background like a uniform shiny thing but gets the perfect contrast from the noble golden frame. Both the diamond (or multiple diamonds) and the setting become noticeable, thus multiplying the wow effect of the ring. For really good diamonds, the yellow reflection of gold is so neglectable that you can dismiss this consideration. The elegance and the glory of this ring will easily dispel any hesitation.

White gold and colored gemstones

One more secret is that colored gems really win a lot from being set into white gold. The colors of real stones are rich in undertones and nuances that may be invisible to the naked eye but will pop out when set against some other bold color. And real yellow gold is a very bold and beautiful color indeed. So, sapphires, emeralds, aquamarines, and even rubies may get an unexpected and unwanted yellowish undertone when set into yellow gold. White gold, in contrast, will preserve the purity of color and rich inner glow of the gem you’ve chosen.

Rose gold and champagne diamonds

Champagne diamonds are not as widely known as colorless ones, but they are amazingly beautiful in their own way. Champagne is neither yellow nor beige, a unique in-between color that has at the same time a vintage and modern look. The diamond’s fiery play of light becomes more subtle and lighthearted when embedded in champagne color. These stones are rather rare, so you’ll definitely want to put them in the foreground. So don’t think long about what color gold for engagement ring with champagne diamonds to use. Rose gold is a perfect pair for them.

What Gold Colors Are Trending In The Best Styles Of Engagement Rings?

Traditionally, engagement rings were made of one type of metal, gold in this case, whether yellow, rose, or white. Yet nowadays fashion has become more relaxed and you can mix and match styles and colors and even have several metals used for one ring. What’s more, metal mixing is a cool fashion move now, and it won’t lose its appeal any time soon.

Mix and Match Your Gold

Don’t like the highbrow fashion recommendations on what color gold is most popular for engagement rings now? Make your own rules, then. Mix two or three gold colors in one ring if this idea appeals to you.

Yellow and rose gold are not contrasting enough to create an interesting design on their own (although there may be exceptions). Yet when white gold is thrown into the mix, the trio may do the trick nicely. The band of twisted color lines, triple parallel lines, or one main color decorated with splashes of other tones is a time-tested design to rely on. Just pick the stone carefully so that multiple metals don’t overpower it.

Bimetallic Engagement Rings: Two Lives Coming Together

The most successful combo is yellow and white gold or rose and white gold, depending on your liking. The classic approach is to have prongs of white gold and a band of another gold color, but it’s not the set rule never to be broken.

You can have the band made of two parallel lines of different colors, or a band split into thin lines and branches made of different colors that twist, turn, diverge, and intersect at a whim. A band of one solid color can have details made of another color. In short, you can experiment freely with it, and the result will be impressive.

One more benefit? Two metal colors in one ring symbolize two lives coming together for a joint ‘happily ever after.’ It seems to be a good reason alone for getting the two-tone ring if you are still hesitating about what color gold for wedding ring or engagement ring you want.

Skip The Tradition and Get Something New (In Terms Of Gold Color)!

Current eclectic fashion allows people to play a wild card in their style choice and still be on trend. Long gone is frowning upon different color combinations, and you can mix and match two or three colors in one ring or go for a bold unusual shade of gold altogether.

What about black, green, or another wild gold color? The color itself is achieved through the special coating put on the real gold base. Eye-catching metal shade requires minimal details and a very modest stone for a very cool and stylish look. So if you seek a minimalist but unique ring, non-traditional gold color is an option to try.

Tips on Maintenance and Care for Rings Made Of Different Gold Types

Technically, all types of gold are approximately of the same durability and toughness. They do not corrode, rust, or get a significant patina. However, as relatively soft metals, they can get scratched visibly, so it’s recommended to be easy on them in terms of active handiwork or chemicals. It’s recommended to take off a ring or wear gloves if such activities are performed. If scratches have appeared from long wear, gentle polishing at a jeweler’s will return the ring to its initial glory.

Caring for white gold is a bit trickier because it is usually rhodium-plated to preserve the white color. With time, the rhodium coating may get worn out, and a slight change of color may happen. To prevent it, the ring should be taken to a jeweler once a year for checking and recoating in rhodium, if necessary.

So technically, the question of what gold is best for engagement ring in terms of durability is mostly a matter of taste.


Luckily for modern brides and grooms, the selection of precious metals for this special ring is wide today, and they can pick and choose from several types of gold alone. Yellow, rose or white gold all have their unique features and combine well with specific stones for a breathtaking look. The only limiting considerations here are the tastes and the stones you want to set into a ring. The rest is open to your fantasy and whims. Don’t be afraid to try something new and experiment: just find a good jeweler and a trusted shop, and together, you’ll be able to find or create a ring of her dreams, as special as your love and care for each other.

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