A Brief Guide To Trends In Jewelry And The Essential Question: What Is The Best Promise Ring For Her?

Year after year the trends in jewelry remain the same: people want all things custom and individualized, especially if they are supposed to last a lifetime. Yes, you get it right: we hint at the important jewelry pieces that are purchased with a lifelong service in mind, and it can be said not only about engagement or wedding rings.

Recent years have seen a loud comeback of promise rings, and now they are all the rage – and for a reason. With multiple delays and unexpected global obstacles that now often prevent couples from tying the knot, it’s important to keep that flame of hope burning, and these rings do this service, lighting the long winding path to the altar.

Generally, there are many reasons to give (and accept) a promise ring, and you may ask yourself now: what is the best promise ring for her? To aid you in this delightful task, in this overview, we will explore trending styles, timeless designs, and the unique meaning you can put into this precious gift.

Promise ring: what’s behind it?

A promise ring is given to signify a promise to marry. It’s not an engagement ring, which sets the actual wedding planning marathon running. It’s a ring showing that the desire to marry is strong, unwavering, and will be fulfilled over time. The timeline for marriage is yet to be set, but devotion and fidelity are already here.

So if you know for sure that one day you will say the vows, but cannot pinpoint this day yet, give this ring to your sweetheart. It will make a precious reminder that obstacles are temporary and sooner or later you will say ‘I do’ to each other.

Why The Hype And Is It That Important For Your Loved Girl?

Since the task of popping the question and expressing the wish to marry is still mostly delegated to a man (although some changes are seen already), your girlfriend may be anxious about your intentions and the future together. Giving her a promise ring lifts tons of worries off her shoulders and shows her your true love.

A promise ring is particularly important if you have to wait for a significant time before you can actually get married. It dispels the doubts, supports her in times when hope may fade, and generally serves as a wearable sign of your determination.

If you decide to exchange these rings, the whole process feels like a small mock-up wedding ceremony. Then the best matching promise rings for couples will help these sweet memories to stay with you both forever.

What To Consider While Choosing A Promise Ring For Her

Now more practical matters: since a promise ring is so important, how do you choose one that lasts but does not look boring or dated?

The first thing to remember is that the good promise rings for her are pretty but small, easy to wear in stacks with other rings, and not outshining the future engagement ring. That’s the starting point.

With this in mind, we can look at the hottest trends in jewelry and decide how they match the vision of the exclusive and beautiful promise ring.

  • One-of-the-kind rings. With the abundance of mass-produced jewelry on the counters and on the web, the true sign of care is to find something special, unique, something that no one else will have. A girl you love won’t find it too thrilling to see the same ring as she has on some other woman’s hand just because the model is widespread and everyone buys it now without a second thought.

    To avoid this problem and to show that you really care, go for something handcrafted for your order (and, maybe, your design). Fortunately, you can find nice jewelry shops that deal in custom rings and can fulfill your wishes and vision in this particular jewel. Don’t be afraid to experiment, or ask a piece of advice from a designer on how to do it best. With some prompts from a girl on what she loves in jewelry and the assistance of a good designer, you will create the ring of her dreams, no less.

  • Colored gems. Diamonds are forever, but colorless stones can get a bit boring. Besides, if you plan to give a diamond ring at the engagement, it only makes even more sense to go for a dainty promise ring with a colorful stone that will advantageously set off the diamond in the future.

    All leading fashion media currently sing praises to the beauty of colored gems in jewelry, and this trend never really faded for the last two millennia. So you can safely choose a sky-blue topaz or mesmerizingly green emerald for the ring and know that you’ve nailed it.

    Besides, when picking a stone for a custom ring you can always add some special meaning, like picking her birthstone, or lucky stone, and thus demonstrate that you know your sweetheart really well. That’s just priceless.


  • Unique kinds of stones and their cuts. Not only the ring style, but the choice of a stone can be a customizing effort. Sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are the first thing that comes to mind. But what about moonstone, sunstone, citrine, alexandrite, or moss agate? These gems are extremely beautiful, they will make any ring look like a crown jewel, but it takes a bit of effort and knowledge to source them and choose the best stones. That’s why you won’t find them in every jewelry shop.

    The same applies to cuts that are relatively rare in gems - marquise, heart, or pear. Such stones look even more unique and elevate the jewel to the next level.

    If you can find such stones or other rare varieties – go for them. They will make a promise ring very special, but also outstandingly stylish and chic. Just browse the carefully curated pieces and see their mesmerizing effect for yourself.

20 Types Of Promise Rings For Her That Are Fashionable And Timeless

Now that we’ve rushed through the current trends, it’s time to get a rundown of the best rings that combine trendy features with unique appeal and style. This is our list of the top 20 promise rings for her that you should consider seriously.

  1. Solitaire diamond ring. Nothing beats a good solitaire diamond in rose or white gold. Make it modest to match a bigger stone in an engagement ring-to-be.
  2. 5-stone diamond ring. This is a fancier version of the diamond best promise rings for her. Five graduated stones create a glorious design without looking ‘too much.’
  3. Diamond constellation ring. Diamonds can be scattered creatively across the band, making it look like a constellation. This ring has a fairy-tale and romantic feel.
  4. Diamond minimalist ring. One central east-west diamond flanked by two smaller ones looks stylish and expensive. This ring is good alone and in stacking sets.
  5. Sapphire and diamonds. The classics never go out of style. In rose or white gold, when a sapphire is surrounded by tiny diamonds, it’s a total hit.
  6. Ruby and diamonds ring. This has a light Eastern flavor to it since rubies and diamonds were often combined in lavish Indian and Arabic jewels.
  7. Emerald ring. This is the stone of kings and queens, so you can say something along these lines while presenting the ring to your girlfriend. Emerald looks sublime and regal, both in gold and silver, so you’ll never miss it with such a combo.
  8. Emerald-and-diamond ring. This combination is a favorite of big high jewelry houses. So if you look for the best cheap promise rings for couples, choose slim emerald and diamond rings. They won’t cost a fortune, but the effect will be worth a million.
  9. Topaz art deco ring. Not everyone prefers minimalism, and that’s when a fancy ring with a marquise-cut topaz will come handily. The ring is delicate but eye-catching anyway.
  10. Aquamarine art deco. Similarly interesting but different in stone and gem color, this ring has a lighter look and will fit into most modern jewelry stacks.
  11. Alexandrite ring. One more outstanding stone that is often overlooked. The ring looks stylish and mysterious when the stone changes color from bluish to purple, so the jewel will always be in trend.
  12. Minimalist amethyst ring. Amethyst is loved by people who know about the spiritual and magic aspects of wearing gems. In addition, it makes an excellent central stone of various shades of purple. Whether a bigger or a smaller one, an amethyst makes a ring a true classic.
  13. Opal ring. Opal is a one-of-the-kind stone that gave its name to a whole color-changing effect. It’s like a transparent pearl that retains its unique shine. Even a solitaire opal in a ring alone makes a statement piece, so choose it confidently.
  14. Opal and diamond. When an opal is offset by tiny diamonds, the effect is amazing. If you look for the rose gold best promise rings for her, an opal and diamond ring in gold is your best bet.
  15. Moss agate ring. Specialty stones are harder to find, so if you manage to get a ring with this wonder of nature, it’s a bit of luck. It’s more reserved in look but it makes up in style for the seemingly lower sparkle. The addition of diamonds glamorizes the ring immediately, so it becomes a fine jewelry staple.
  16. Rutilated quartz. One more wonder created by nature is this translucent stone with kaleidoscopic patterns captured within. No two stones are alike, so even two similar rings will look different.
  17. Sunstone ring. This warm yellow stone with an orange tint can bring positive emotions through its mere look. A rose gold ring with a sunstone will look like a splash of sunlight even on the greyest and gloomiest of days that sometimes can happen in life.
  18. Moissanite ring. Moissanite is a true rival of diamonds with its sparkle and purity. These stones can come in a variety of shades, so you have options to choose from.
  19. Pink Morganite ring. A delicate pink stone will charm almost every girl, and when paired with diamonds, it makes a very impressive jewel, refined yet noticeable.
  20. Garnet ring. Garnet has a strong reputation for being a stone of love, flame, life force, and friendship, so it adds a whole bunch of romantic meanings to the ring it is set into. Even set alone, this blood-red stone makes a strong fashion statement on a girl’s hand.

The Final Tip

As you see, modern fashion allows for a variety of options in jewelry and does not prohibit mixing and matching and choosing what you please.

A promise ring is an important jewel, so while observing the trends, think about what your girl might like, and what will fit her style, and then choose from a rich palette of ring designs we have on offer. Anything is fine as long as it brings pleasure to your loved one.

And don’t be afraid to have your say if you look for the best promise rings for couples – they are best because they were selected by you two as a couple and because they reflect your personalities and your mutual devotion. The rest is a matter of taste and the high skills of our jewelers.

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