Putting A Ring On It: A Comprehensive Guide On Choosing The Right Engagement Ring Style

I. Introduction

When you propose and hear the sweet ‘yes,’ or when you hear the long-awaited proposal words, the stars collide, the sun and the moon dance in the sky, and nothing else matters. All you remember afterward is pure happiness, and that’s a good way to start your marital journey. However, the sweet haze can also obscure the details that should never be overlooked or taken lightly, since they will accompany you through the engagement times and move on with you into married life. An engagement ring is one of such essential elements.

Popping The Question Right – With The Appropriate Engagement Ring Style

The engagement ring sits on the finger every day, from the engagement date to the wedding and beyond, catching the eye and stirring additional tender feelings. Ideally, these feelings do not have a shade of disappointment. Yet if the ring is chosen in haste or without accounting for all important parameters, it can cause regrets and end up stored in a jewelry box, out of sight. That’s not what you want from the token of eternal love and not how you want to invest your money.

This is why we offer you a practical guide on how to pick engagement ring style that will thrill the eye and enhance the beauty of the wearer’s hand.

Circles Of History: An Engagement Ring Through Time

Unsurprisingly, the style and meaning of an engagement ring itself changed over time. In ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome a ring usually marked status and connection, like signet rings, and a ring given before marriage to a woman was a kind of contract. Marriage was a decided matter, a woman moved from her father’s guardianship to her husband, and a ring meant that she belonged to her husband’s family. Yes, the engagement ring was far from a romantic item back then.

However, its symbolism of obligation was so strong that in the Middle Ages, Pope Nicolas I officially declared that a ring given by a man to a woman was a kind of an official proposal. Since then the ring tradition has taken unswaying hold.

Gold was always the most popular material, along with cheaper alternatives like silver, copper, and carved bone, but it was not until 1477 that the first diamonds were involved. Archduke Maximilian gave a ring with the diamond-paved letter M to his bride, and the fashion for engagement rings with stones began.

Shape and decoration trends also changed over time: in the 15th century, a ring made of three separate bands symbolized unity. Later on, posy rings with intricate carving, secret inscriptions, and rich symbolism came to stand for tender feelings and gallant love.

In the 19th century, engagement rings featured various precious stones and embodied all possible expressions of affection and commitment, where every stone had its specific meaning like hope, eternal love, or deep devotion.

It was not until almost 1950 that diamonds became a staple for this kind of jewelry. De Beers launched the famous campaign ‘Diamonds are forever’ and made this stone a symbol of engagement itself.

Today, however, the only rule of choosing an engagement ring is that it should please your sweetheart, and it can be anything you imagine it to be.

II. How To Nail The Right Engagement Ring Style: Key Aspects Of Choice

From the practical viewpoint, parameters of choice are never limited by the budget and the stone. The shape of the hand and fingers, the metal, and the shape and size of the insert – these and other factors need to be accounted for before you finalize the purchase.

And remember, that you are never limited by the most popular engagement ring style that is trending currently or traditional color combinations. You can always order a custom ring that will exactly match the desires of a wearer, and we will gladly offer you our team’s skills and expertise in this important task.

Taste And Style Of The Ring Wearer

You should always start with what your sweetheart would like to get and wear. The ring should please the taste and blend well into the jewelry style she wears. Take note of materials – rose gold or silver, or white gold? Big pieces or subtle ones, minimalist and conceptual or classic and ornate? Take a peek into her jewelry box, look at her hands, and ask some innocent questions, after all.

It’s much easier if you can choose the ring together, but sometimes a little surprise is needed. If nothing else helps, team up with her friends or her mom.

Cost And Budgeting

It was believed that an engagement ring should cost a groom’s month's salary or even two months’ worth. However, today the ring is not a sign of a groom’s wealth anymore. You can spend on it as much as you want and can afford it. Choose a big diamond or a sleek and dainty band with unique stones – the decision is yours. Just remember that the ring is only one of many cost items that await you on the way to the altar. So you may want to go reasonable, neither too cheap nor thoughtlessly splurging.

The Hand That You Put The Ring On: Shape Of Fingers And Size Of Hand

This point is probably one of the most important considerations in the selection process. A ring should look good on a finger and on a hand, and if it does not, it is destined to disappoint. So approach this aspect of a ring with responsibility.

Longer fingers, shorter fingers, or a wider strong hand will all require a separate style and a stone shape.

Long slender fingers are a dream of many girls since even the slimmest ring looks nice on them. If you look for the best engagement ring style for long fingers, thin bands, minute detailing, small stones or stone clusters are great options. They will not overburden the long fingers while being visible on them. Regarding stones, long fingers provide a unique opportunity to choose a fancy or unusual cut, because it won’t make fingers look too chubby. Heart shapes, pear, cushion or emerald cuts, or even east-west stone placement are all great for long fingers.

When fingers are slim, it is also considered ‘cool,’ but sometimes finding a proper ring size is a quest in itself. So be sure to ask if a ring is resizable. To the point, slim bands and bands of moderate (but not too wide) width are excellent, since they don’t make the finger look even thinner. Wider bands also add substance to thin fingers, making them look stronger and shapelier. Big stones are not recommended, but mid-size round stones, cushions, ovals, and emerald cuts, possibly in a halo of small stones, are the best choice. That’s the profile of the best engagement ring style for thin fingers, in brief.

If you are hunting for a ring for cute chubby fingers that are on the shorter side, think big, literally. Such fingers allow for big stones, preferably elongated vertically, and for wide bands. Extravagant and unusual rings that immediately catch the eye are also a good choice. So, thicker bands of rose or white gold and mid-size to big stones, even halo shapes, are your first stop. Bigger stones do not leave much skin visible on each side, and it helps make the finger look slimmer.

Lifestyle And Preferred Activities

Job, social activities, and hobbies of your sweetheart also matter in the ring choice. A person who has an active social life and does not spend much time in outdoorsy activities or sports may like a more glitzy ring, with protruding elements or raised stone setting. The jewel won’t get damaged and will add to the cool public image of the wearer.

A person whose hobby is active sports, gardening, crafting, or other pastimes that require handiwork or lots of active movement, may appreciate a ring that is paired down and smooth. It should feature a firmly set stone and be free of raised elements that can get caught in something or get damaged. Think of a ring as a piece of gear (it rounds unromantic, we know), but such an approach will let you choose the item that will reflect the character of your sweetheart and will match her lifestyle, and that’s priceless.

Materials And Stones: Options And Combinations

It all depends on her tastes, once again. Rose or white gold (or sometimes silver) and diamonds are classics, but you’d better double-check what she wears daily.

If she’s into high-end jewelry, gold, and diamonds, sapphires, or colorless zirconia, are the best engagement ring style to choose from. Yet, if she prefers colored stones, or stones with meaning, like birthstones or lucky stones, you can hit two goals with one stone, so to say. Ask her unobtrusively what stone she considers her lucky one or likes and proceed from there. Emeralds, citrines, amethysts, opals, and topazes make excellent central stones of an engagement ring and match well with various jewelry styles.

More unusual stones have become fashionable lately, being both stylish and spiritually meaningful. Black moonstone, sunstone, moss agate, and other unique gems look amazing in rings and pair well with wedding bands.

III. Popular Engagement Ring Styles: Their Names And Their Key Details

Some styles and combinations have become classics that inspire multiple spin-offs and experiments. However, the organizing concept behind the variations remains the same.


If you ask yourself a question about what is the most classic engagement ring style, then a diamond solitaire ring is the answer. A single diamond of a noticeable size on a slim band is an epitome of an engagement ring, and paired with a simple wedding band, makes a timeless jewelry combo.

Mind that the stone cut can vary, from traditional round brilliant and cushion to pear, marquise, or emerald cuts. Each individual cut will make the ring look like a separate style, chunky or slender, and will suit a different hand type. If you opt for an elongated solitaire, like marquise or longer emerald cut, and a wider band, the resulting combination will be the best engagement ring style for short chubby fingers. A wider band will be noticeable, and a long stone will elongate the chubby finger.

It is not only a diamond that can become a centerpiece of the ring. Icy-blue topaz or aquamarine, emerald, or citrine looks amazing alone on the band.


One big stone surrounded by a row of small stones, usually colorless or of the same contrasting shade, is called a halo style, and it is another popular ring type. Some stones need accents of different colors to look their best, and sapphires and rubies gain in beauty the most when surrounded by a halo.

A diamond halo ring is also a staple. A midsize stone surrounded by smaller stones looks bigger and the bling effect increases manifold. Typically, pear, round brilliant, and cushion cuts are set into a halo, and the effect is worth seeing – and splurging on it.


That’s where your fantasy can run free. You can opt for three stones of the same kind, like diamonds, or choose contrasting ones, or pick the stones matched to be in close shades, like transparent, light yellow, and light pink (or blue). One central diamond flanked by two smaller diamonds is a known cult model. However, colored gems also look impressive if matched stylishly.

The advantage of this model is that you can include stones significant for your sweetheart, like birthstones, and add an additional personal touch to the ring. Besides, the three-stone models are considered the second best engagement ring style for short fingers that are on the plump side, since three graduated or equally sized stones balance the massive fingers and make them look more elegant.


The vintage ring style tends to be more ornate, with minute detailing and lots of interesting elements. Such rings usually go with the classic clothing style and require a careful selection of jewelry for stacking or making it look like a set. However, the vintage style carries that special feel of old glamor, and if your loved one is into it, a vintage ring will be perfect. Besides, with its many details and bigger stones, the vintage style can be the best engagement ring style for large hands. A wide and strong hand is a perfect way to display an ornate ring, while a minimalist kind may get lost on it.


Contemporary rings tend to be more avant-garde, open to designer experimentation and breaking the traditional molds. The modern feel can be reflected in unusual shapes, conceptual approaches to ring-making, and new materials that are not typically used for high jewelry, like ceramics or steel. These rings can be on the minimalist side or include sculptural details. A minimalist contemporary piece is the best engagement ring style for small hands since it looks interesting without overpowering the hand itself.

Contemporary rings tend to fit well into the casual and sporty style of clothes, be easily stacked and mixed and matched when needed.

An additional big plus of this style is that it accommodates unique stones easily. Moss agate, opal, black moonstone, amethyst – they all look amazing in laconic clean designs that are a trademark of contemporary style.

IV. Unique Option: Making a Custom Engagement Ring

If you want to ask your love to marry you but are unsure you can find a ring that will suit her tastes, go for a custom ring. The task may seem daunting and time-consuming, but with a good jeweler and the right attitude, it will be a rewarding experience.

Why Have A Custom Engagement Ring?

When you face the actual task of choosing, you can feel overwhelmed and even more at loss. Indeed, the abundance of jewelry pieces for purchase can make anyone confused, even if you had an idea of what you should buy. That’s why it’s reasonable to put your key ideas and demands together and team up with a good jeweler. A craftsperson can fit a preferred stone into the appropriate setting and prompt you on how to make it all work.

For example, the same combination of stone and metal can be executed as a minimalist, vintage, thick band or slim band model, solitaire or halo, or your specific concept. An experienced jeweler can translate your needs into a real work of art, amazing and wearable. So you won’t have to choose between the right stone and the right ring model. With ring customizing, you can have it all.

Lord Of Your Ring: Finding A Trusted And Experienced Jeweler

That’s where skills and expertise come to the forefront. You should find a jeweler who’s on the same page as you, who will make your ideas come true and create a really pretty and stylish ring, a professionally designed and crafted piece.

How to choose a jeweler? First look through the portfolio, and if you like what you see, have a personal consultation. If a professional clearly understands what you want and sticks to the guide but is also ready to contribute and advise you on how to do it better, or how the design change can make it more suitable for your loved one, you’ve found the master.

You Are Also A Designer: Collaborate On The Ring-To-Be

Yet even the best of jewelers cannot read your mind. You will need to collaborate on initial sketches, on choosing the stone, and then take part in the final steps of making. So be open to chats, reviewing and approving the design (or telling what exactly should be changed), and think carefully if you are satisfied with the final version. Only you can tell the jeweler if they do it right, so make sure to be part of a creative team.

V. The Final Tip

As you see, the task of selecting a good engagement ring is not much easier than popping the question. If you plan to buy a ready-made piece, you need to account for several important parameters, like the style of the ring, metal, and stone, and the shape and size of the wearer’s fingers, and this is not to say about deciding on the budget.

If the choosing task seems daunting, you can order a custom ring and let the jeweler do the main job. You will provide your ideas and some essential info, and the craftsperson will prompt you on the best engagement ring style for chubby fingers or long fingers and what stone size will suit the desired ring shape best.

Anyway, choosing the ring is an important step in your journey as a couple, because it signifies your love and desire to spend the rest of your life together. So no matter what style you buy and what small tweaks in the ring may be needed after the proposal, it is the intention that matters most. Choose the engagement ring with true love and it will become a timeless symbol of devotion and affection you have for each other.

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