Just Rocking It: The Best Engagement Ring Styles That Look Amazing On Chubby Fingers

I. Introduction

Every hand is beautiful in its own right, and there is jewelry out there to make every type of finger look elegant and amazing. Definitely, girls often dream of having thinner and longer fingers or slender hands, but even fingers that are on the chubbier side are cute and sweet and deserve their portion of glamor, especially when it comes to selecting an engagement ring.

Here’s a tip from weathered jewelers: if you apply some time-tested styling tricks while selecting the ring, you can even make your fingers look more slender and elongated. Besides, there are ring styles that can be safely rocked on larger fingers while they can overpower delicate ones. So, this circumstance gives you an opportunity to experiment and even go bold.

To help you make a smart and stylish choice of ring, we will discuss the most optimal engagement ring style for chubby fingers, including solitaire and halo rings, will touch upon elongated stone cuts like oval and pear, and will dwell on the bands and settings as well. As a bonus, we will mention what styles it’s better to avoid, and equipped with this information, you are bound to pick a perfect ring that will complement the shape of your hand and fingers.

II. General Approach to Choosing The Best Engagement Ring Style For Chubby Fingers

Before you jump over to the exact styles of rings to choose from, let’s take a broader look at the rules of selection. When you understand the underlying whys and hows, you can make an informed decision even if a ring you like does not have a style name attached and sports the romantic catalog name ‘The Eye of the Sea’ instead, for example.

Tip one. Balancing the Size and Proportions. Before you actually start browsing the sites or catalogs, think carefully about the proportions of the hand and fingers you are going to put a ring on. There is nothing wrong or uncool about fingers that are not extremely long or thin, they all are attractive and sweet. But when you understand the real proportions of fingers, you can decide on the ring with greater ease and ask for the jeweler’s assistance which will be really helpful.

What ring proportions fit this hand type? No, the obvious answer ‘big ring for bigger fingers’ is wrong. A stone can be rather big, but of a particular shape, while a band should be on the slim side. Let’s sum it up: a moderate band with a mid-size or bigger stone is a recommended engagement ring for chubby fingers.

Tip two. Deciding on the Shape. Yes, you may feel tempted to experiment and go very glitzy and bold, but with a caveat. Choose the shapes that are vertical and lead the gaze along the finger length. That’s the secret to making fingers look longer and thinner. Oval, marquise, rectangular – all shapes are great as long as they run north-south, i.e. vertically.

Tip three. Setting. A setting shape is dictated by the shape of a stone, obviously, but not always. Look for vertical shapes and lines, that’s the key rule. A vertical stone can have a slim, hardly noticeable setting that will repeat its shape. But even a round or square stone can be incorporated into an elegant elongated setting design, and if the ring appeals to you, then you can safely buy it and present it to your loved one.

III. Optimal Engagement Ring Styles That Will Elevate And Glamorize Chubby Fingers

Now it’s time to focus on the specific ring styles that flatter plump fingers, make them look slender, or add a touch of chic.

  1. Solitaire Rings. A solitaire is a single stone set on a simple band. This style accentuates the beauty of the stone, whether a diamond or a colored gem and decorates a finger without making it look heavy. Solitaire rings are minimalist but elevated and elegant, and when a solitaire is chosen properly, it leads the gaze along the finger, elongating it visually.

    By saying ‘properly,’ we mean choosing a stone that is cut and set vertically, north-south. When worn on a finger, it brings forward the finger’s length, thus leading the eye away from its chubbiness. Mind that the ring should feature a mid- to bigger size stone, not a tiny one. A tiny solitaire, especially round or square, will look lost on a bigger finger, making it appear even chubbier. That’s the effect to avoid at all costs.

  2. Halo Rings. This style is classic and beautiful in its own right, but when selected carefully, it also plays to the benefit of bigger, chubby fingers. When a mid-size or moderately sized stone is set into a halo of smaller ones, it looks bigger and bolder. It focuses the eye on itself and distracts from evaluating the finger shape or size. Be sure to look for halo rings that create vertically placed oval or pear shapes. If you need inspiration, most celebrity rings are shaped like that (because even if the stars have long thin fingers, they want them to look even longer and choose rings accordingly).

    Besides, if you want a fancy and creative engagement ring shape for chubby fingers, then art deco styling, where an intricate halo of multiple stones is paved around a vertical center, will be a perfect luxurious match.

  3. Oval and Pear Shaped Rings. We believe, you already got the idea: look for stones and styles that are placed vertically. Oval and pear-shaped stones, whether diamonds or other kinds of gems, guide the eye along the finger and make it seem longer and thinner. Mid-size oval or pear opal, topaz, or sapphire encapsulates opulence, and they are often chosen for engagement rings for this reason. So look for these elongated stone cuts, whether diamonds, emeralds, opals, or other gems of your preference.
  4. Thin Bands. Usually, the first idea coming to mind is to balance a chubby finger with a thick band. That’s not the best of decisions you can make. A thick glitzy band underscores the massive proportions of a plump finger, and the created effect may be ridiculous at worst. Whereas a slim band does not add to the chunkiness of a finger while making a chosen stone look larger. A moderate thin band actually looks more proportional to the finger than you may expect, that’s why we point your attention to it.
  5. Vertical Settings. Yes, one more separate reminder and tip: vertically oriented settings play to the advantage of a stone and to the advantage of a finger. The vertical orientation of a stone, whether oval, rectangular, marquise, or pear, lends a ring a more noble and elegant look, whether it is a solitaire or a halo. In its turn, an elongated shape that runs along the finger, not across it, streamlines and slims its appearance.

The only condition is that the stone and the setting should cover a significant amount of skin on the finger. The less skin is shown on each side of the stone and setting, the slimmer the finger looks. Then the decorating and shaping effect of the ring is undisputedly magnificent.

IV. Engagement Ring Styles Not Recommended For Short Plump Fingers

Since we explore the topic of what engagement ring looks best on short fat fingers and how to elongate them visually, it’s important to mention what not to choose for this hand type. Definitely, you are totally free to select and buy any ring your or your sweetheart fancy, but if your goal is visual elongating of fingers, steer clear of the following.

Wider Bands. Wider and more massive bands can seem an intuitive solution, as they theoretically may balance the heavy fingers and make them look thinner. However, quite the opposite happens: thick bands make the chubby fingers look bigger, wider, and almost clumsy. So, slimmer, more reserved bands are a viable option.

Round or Princess-Cut Diamonds. Unlike elongated shapes, round and princess cut stones focus the eye exactly on the place where they sit – on the finger base and its width. Taken together with a horizontally running band, these stone shapes visually cut the finger in half, adding bulkiness, and emphasizing its plumpness and width. They also underscore roundness in the finger shape, which is a big no in the case of really chubby fingers.

Cluster Set Rings. Unlike halo rings, where a center stone is big and can be given a definitive elongated shape, cluster rings usually sport a number of stones of the same size put together in a rounded or horizontal cluster. Both resulting shapes work against the chubbier fingers because they cross them in the widest place, making the appearance even wider, and in general shortening the fingers, as all horizontal lines do.

V. Afterword

Basically, these are the key rules and specific answers to the question of what style engagement ring for fat fingers to pick. Chubby fingers can be visually elongated and spiced up by rings with vertical settings, slimmer bands, and stones that also have vertical orientation, like pear and oval ones. Whether you choose a diamond or other gem, a properly selected ring style can make the hand look chic and work to the benefit of the whole outfit. So choose the engagement ring wisely and with love, and it will please your loved one and be the pride of her jewelry collection.

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